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We work with limited editions. We are no fast fashion, for that reason we minimize the impact of the environment

My name is Teresa Jaldón, I’m a multidisciplinary and self-taught artist from Andalusia. Nowadays I’m living in Amsterdam and it is in this city that I developed myself artistically, in the first place as dancer and teacher of flamenco dance, and in the second place as designer.

We choose the fabrics with great care: organic cotton, bamboo, viscose and wool. Most of our products have the certificate OKOTEX

As a designer I took advantage of my knowledge of dance, body and movement. I started to experiment with natural fabrics and to design clothes which made me feel free, beautiful and at ease on the stage as anywhere else. I decided to use very soft fabrics and I made sure that my clothes didn’t have any buttons nor zippers, just displaying aesthetic elegant lines very welll thought out for comfort and beauty of movement.

At the same time I took these elements of comfort, beauty, natural fabrics and sustainability to the urban sphere, the day-to-day life, creating also versatile collections,very feminine and most of all exclusive. Behind my creative process there is always an absolutely artistic and cultural drive with the intention that my clients are wearing a piece of art which makes them feel good and special. Therefore, each collection has its own name, colors, forms and lines inspired by my roots, music, paintings, persons who inspired me, and my travels.

Historial of my collections


Winter/Spring 2017


Spring/Summer 2018

Autumn/Winter 2019

Winter/Spring 2017


Spring/Summer 2019


Autumn/Winter 2020






Customer reviews

A brand, a feeling

Clothing as comfy as sportswear yet femenine and elegant as the wardrobe of a diva

Judith Buxade


The clothes Teresa makes have the magic quality of always being two steps away from a dance floor... heavy, beautiful fabrics that wrap around your body in a flattering way and allow you to move in any way

Marta Pisco


Comfortable, craftsmanship, strong and power! And many! more things. Because there is passion, intention and a heart filled with love behind the clothes, the brand, the person of Teresa Jaldon

Jantine de Bree


With her elegant and simple lines, Teresa's clothes look fantastic on and off stage. And they are incredibly comfortable if you want to chill or do Yoga...or just watch Netflix

Elena Carbonell


In my closet I have already designed several pieces of clothing by Teresa Jaldon. First of all to dance in .. I feel feminine, nice and free in the natural fabrics that flow smoothly around me .. I use it in my yoga class but they also turn out to be very suitable for every moment of the day where you are comfortable and want to look nice

Marisa Angel


Textile certification

Textile certification

Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Toxic free

Toxic free

Animal respect

Animal respect

Fair trade

Fair trade